About Us - Ryker Product Solutions

Beautiful, Innovative Product Design + Outstanding Function = Incredible Customer Experience

Ryker Product Solutions, Inc. (RPS) is an innovative product development company specializing in creating outstanding products which help people better navigate the world they live.

Groundbreaking design to improve your world

From ideation to design to engineering to manufacturing, we try our best to deliver exceptional value and function to the products we bring to market for consumers to use, enjoy and make their lives better.

In a world of “me-too” products, we believe innovation and creativity is what the customer truly wants in the products they buy.

Over One Hundred Products Designed and Developed

Most of the products we design and develop have patent protection or have a special feature making the product unique and different.

Ryker Product Solutions, Inc. guiding principle: customers are starved for innovation, beautiful product design is essential, combined with outstanding function, this creates an incredible customer experience.

Everyone is encouraged and welcome

Ryker Product Solutions, Inc. truly represents the American Dream which everyone is entitled – regardless of adversity and unforgiving circumstances, through perseverance and passion, anyone can prevail.

Founder and Product Innovator, John Hetzel

Entrepreneurial, new product development and marketing leader, specializing in intellectual property products and go-to-market strategies for products developed.

John is a creative thinker with a strong emphasis for innovating, developing, sourcing, manufacturing and managing fitness, health and sport related products for people of all activity levels.